I am a New York living blogger with a penchant for all things pretty. You can typically find me roaming around my neighborhood of Long Island with latte in my hand and with an iPhone raised above my head to capture the majesty of it all. I mostly post fashion content to Wear To Love Yourself and I also post recipes on my cooking blog Kitty's Kitchen Recipes.

I would describe my personal style as simple and feminine. I often say that if there is a rule book for Fashion, then I never received my copy - I simply dress in a way that makes me feel good. Since I started Wear To Love Yourself my style has certainly evolved, and continues to do so. I hope that my outfit posts can give an inspiration for everyone.

The biggest joy I get from blogging is definitely interacting with my readers; every single comment and email that I get makes me smile!

A little about me? Think about all of the blogger cliches: I absolutely love chocolates, flowers, cafes and brunches. I am self proclaimed hungry girl , so cooking and eating are a big part of my life. If we bump into each other in the city I would be wither talking to my hubby, drinking starbucks or taking selfies.

Please always feel welcomed to get in touch, I love meeting new people! Email kittykeyj@gmail.com.

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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